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2016-02-04 07:05 pm


Equius Zahhak

AGE || 23
HEIGHT || 6'9"
OCCUPATION || Owner of a car repair shop and garage.
LOCATION || Lives in one of several small rooms behind his workshop.


HP || 8
MAGIC || 6
SPEED || 5


Equius powers manifest in the same way other heir based powers do: He can become intangible when in dangers (He will learn how to do that later on but for now is luck based), He can dissipate and re-appear elsewhere (Pretty uncomfortable to use) and when focusing he can create contained black holes to absorb matter to either destroy it or take it elsewhere, invisibility and the ability to subtract matter from sheer nothingness comes along with being a void hero.
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2016-01-04 07:23 pm

Getting the hoof of this (How was that Nepeta?)

Hello everyone in this odd shaded website, I'm Equius Za-
Just Equius, I'm excited about moving to a new city to be in my own for a while, i believe I'm a pretty capable man but my family has other thoughts
Any way, if you require help with your electronic or mechanical utensils i can have a look into them